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Bento Box Bliss

Mixed Bento Throw Quilt Line-up

In August I began another quilt, this time for our living room. We enjoyed using the picnic quilt so much that I was excited to have one in the living room. I’ve been holding onto some of the fabrics for about two years now, while some were from a recent Fat Quarter Swap in which I was involved. Regardless, they all have little bits that I love and look forward to seeing in my living room.

Bento in the Wind

I loved the Modified Bento Box Quilt from Film in the Fridge and decided to go with that pattern. (One day soon I really need to update my blog links!)

Bento Box Beginnings

As the pieces all come together I find the alchemy of it so interesting. To see how each fabric design is transformed when we see only a slice of it, how they become something different when pieced together–it’s very Gestalt. (For the non-psychologists out there, Gestalt psychologists discussed how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, in particular in related to perception.) What’s fun is that the pieces aren’t done yet. Much as I love all of those big boxes of color upon color, the next step is to cut them up! Then they all get sewn together again in a different configuration, following by piecing the top.  I haven’t decided what I’ll do for the back yet, I’m going to wait until I see the top come together, first.  When all of this is done I’ll be ready to hunker down for another season of “Freezing my Buns off” though hopefully we won’t be quite so freezing between quilted and knitted goodness and the heat of the wood burner.  I love how my various passions converge into a blissful whole.

Bento Box Close-up

3 Responses to “Bento Box Bliss”

  1. Kerry says:

    oh.my.stars…. I LOVE IT!!! The colors are fantastic! I really need to get to work on mine.

  2. jessica says:

    I absolutely love those squares–you are right…very gestalt! I’m working on scrap log cabin and I’m loving how the whole thing comes together–it really is amazing and a great feeling!
    Ps-I love that header!

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