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Around the Garden

Farmama has been sharing weekly, “Around the Farm” posts lately and I love seeing & reading about all they do each week.  She has invited people to share their own “Around the Farm/Garden” posts and this week I thought I’d join in on the show & tell.

Each year we add a bit more to our suburban plot, both in the garden beds and the fruit we have planted about our bit of land.  This year’s major additions were added this past weekend in the form of two new fruit trees, an apple and a plum.  Here are my lovelies working on them:

Planting the Honeycrisp

Watering the Honeycrisp

And here is a shot of a good portion of our home orchard, with our raised beds behind them:

Our Home Orchard(flickr description tells what the numbers mean)

A new addition in the garden this year, besides the new beds, was to plant potatoes in earnest instead of just experimenting with a few we had tossed in the ground.  We eat lots of potatoes, particularly in the winter, and so it was a crop that I really wanted to try growing more of for ourselves.  Right now they desperately need to be hilled up!  This shot was taken several days ago & they are bigger:

Potatoes in Early June '11

Hopefully today or tomorrow that will happen as that is something we can do with our limited weekday time much more easily than working on Bessie.

Our asparagus might finally be winding down, but it has been a great year for it.  The strawberries are starting to ripen and all of the other plants from the onions to the broccoli to the carrots to the peas are all doing so well despite the critters who have been digging in the beds all spring.

Are you growing anything this year? If so, what is your garden looking like?  What would you like to be growing?

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