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September’s still summer, but the nights are like fall.

I love this song by Girlyman (they’re one of my favorite bands).  The lyrics were running through my head this past weekend as we experienced glorious sunny days but cool, damp nights.  We were thankful for being together as a family and alive, as we reflected about September 11th, as we lived our lives together.

Potatoes Waiting for Harvest

One big part of that togetherness was harvesting our potato crop.  We all had fun hunting through the soil together for our tuber treasure.  We were sweaty and dirty by the end of it, but so excited about all of the food we had pulled forth from the earth.  The potatoes will keep us in stews, soups, and other delicious, warming, and filling meals for a good chunk of the winter, though not all as my dear partner was quick to point out.  L1 is dreaming about tilling up larger swaths of our lawn to plant even more potatoes next year.  I love when he shares in my garden fantasies.

Bountiful Harvest 1

ps: here is another of Girlyman’s songs, a tribute to the USA:

2 Responses to ““September’s Still Summer””

  1. Allen says:

    You’re garden seems much more productive than mine this year, seems mine is in decline.

    • Lindsey says:

      Your garden was beautiful when we visited in June! We’ve had some good things and some not so good. Remember all those onions I planted? Not many were very big in the end.

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