World Chocolate Day

Today is World Chocolate Day. I usually don’t post on Sunday but I couldn’t bring myself to miss World Chocolate Day – I ❤ cacao! Raw, organic, non-gmo, sustainably sourced, fairly traded cacao is my favorite!
My love of herbs extends beyond what grows wild or in gardens where I live. I am intellectually curious about cacao and herbs such as maca, mucuna, ashwagandha, shatavari. These have been cultivated for thousands of years for medicinal, therapeutic, and wellness purposes. I am fascinated about the wisdom surrounding their use.
The benefits of cacao I repeatedly see mentioned are:
  • many times more antioxidants than berries
  • highest plant based source of iron
  • helps improve neurotransmitter function
  • one of the highest sources of magnesium
  • lots of calcium
  • enhances good vibes
Along the way, I came upon Gabrielle Brick. Gabrielle is a holistic nutrition specialist and life coach who is deeply committed to helping people “discover how to create powerful elixirs that will do everything from balance hormones, boost your immune system and create sustainable energy.” Her recipes use cacao and the herbs listed above among others. I tried her Cacao Elixir and now play with a base recipe depending on what my body needs each day.
For today, World Chocolate Day, it seemed appropriate to go straight up chocolate – no bananas, berries, spinach, or spirulina; no greens powder; just a double dose of cacao:
  • cacao paste
  • cacao powder
  • maca
  • mucuna
  • ashwagandha
  • sea salt
  • warm water
  • almond milk

I love how I feel after drinking my cacao each day.

How are you celebrating World Chocolate Day?

For more information on Gabrielle Brick, she can be found:

on her website and blog

on Instagram

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