I’m an educator with a background in History, Philosophy, Law, and Environmental Science. I believe in sustainable, ethical living, and am a lover of nature, all things water, herbs, outdoor adventures, and ancestral stories. I am happiest by the water or in the mountains.

I once lived on an off-shore island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. I believe that once you live on an island you are changed forever. The unpredictability, the ebb and flow, the edges, the stillness, the wildness. I endeavor to carry the lessons from my wild island life with me so that each day I root into this sacred Earth to find ways to nourish my flow, vitality, contentment, resilience, creativity, and to honor and steward the Earth and all she is. I do this by using genealogy, place, history, science, folklore, and my foundational tools (See posts: Lotus #1-#12) to create personal and family practices that nurture the hand, the head, and the heart.

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