In 2009 I did one of those Facebook lists that someone passed on to me – 25 Random Things. As I prepare for the 2019 new year I looked back at this list, and was surprised to see how many were still accurate. So, here is what I said in 2009:

1. I do not like these types of lists. (Still true.)

2. I like the people who tagged me in their lists so much more than I dislike lists so I am willing to write one of my own. (Still true.)

3. I believe I exist in a state of sleep deprivation. My dear husband disagrees. (Still true. But I have been focused on sleeping in a way that keeps by body and brain healthy and strong)

4. People think I am Type-A but I am actually not. (Still true.)

5. I wish more Dead bootlegs were available on iTunes. (This one came true – between Spotify and Sirius XM I can find what I am looking for).

6. I miss Brandy. (Brandy was my mastiff – lab mix that lived to be 14 yrs old. Now, I have Winston a purebred bullmastiff I rescued from American Bull Mastiff Association)

7. Nothing makes me angrier than injustice and inequity. (Still true.)

8. I still swim – no longer for competition though; now just to clear my head and silence the noise. (Still true.)

9. I can touch my tongue to my nose. (Still true.)

10. Every day I laugh at – and am a little scared of – how much my oldest daughter is really like me. (Still true.)

11. I love truly sappy romantic comedies. Think: An Affair to Remember, Runaway Bride, Thomas Crowne Affair, etc. (Still true.)

12. I took a tour of the Louvre with 8 other people on a day the Louvre was closed. There was nothing like it! Standing a few inches in front of the Mona Lisa with only the 8 of us standing there. I’ll never forget it. (Still true.)

13. Someone please spell me from the endless droning on of the following conversations: the awesomeness of Yo La Tengo, rowing, and Newcastle United. Please call my dear husband. (Still true. But now the list is longer – strength training, LCD Soundsystem, Run the Jewels……..)

14. I proclaimed to my best friend when I was 16 years old that I didn’t want to get married until I was 35 years old. Unintentionally, I fulfilled that proclamation and couldn’t be happier. (Still true.)

15. One of my favorite things is lying in the high marsh on a cold day, surrounded by the grasses, with the warmth of the sun on my face. (Still true.)

16. I do believe in soul mates; I don’t believe that means you are necessarily suppose to spend the rest of your life with them though. (Still true.)

17. Some days I really wish I still lived on Smith Island – it was so much harder but so much easier. (Still true.)

18. Everything I believe as a high school principal I learned in elementary school thanks to the other students, teachers, and the principal. (Still true.)

19. I am glad that all of the 9th graders at our school have the opportunity to experience a yoga class for 10 weeks. I wonder how many of them will connect with it. (This was a great experience for our students.)

20. The busier my life gets the more I reconnect with food in more traditional ways i.e. baking my own bread; making my own pasta; having a root cellar; canning tomatoes, jams, pasta sauce, apple sauce, etc. My family is happy about that because it means lots of good things to eat! (Still true. And the list of what I make has expanded into wellness products)

21. I believe the USA’s food policies need to evolve before we can begin to positively impact the health of children, the environment, and the global community. (Still true.)

22. All children need time to play outside unencumbered by fear and hyper-vigilant adult interference so that they are connected to the world and nature, as well as to their own resilience. (Still true.)

23. These days, I tend to be too serious. (Still true. But I am working on this)

24. I hope that my little family can live in another country at some point. (Still true.)

25. It’s time to sleep……..

So, who am I as I approach 2019?

I am a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, educator. I am the keeper of stories and traditions. I believe in the power of love above all else. Not the love in rom-coms. I believe in a deep, powerful, sinuous love that activates response. This is a love that motivates, protects, and begets more love. This love is everywhere, if we choose to see it and nurture it. This love is grounded in a belief in the perfection of the person – we are the best we are at any moment – but it is manifested in a commitment to supporting each other. The message is there for those who choose to see it and accept the challenge. Love begets more love, and in the end, that is what will change our world. Love is all there really is. Love is never wrong.

For our family this love is shown through how we endeavor to eat – non-processed, whole-food, plant-based foods – and the products we use. It is also reflected in the way we interact with the natural world. I believe that every decision and action we make every day impacts our ability to live a simple, healthy, happy, life. Everything from our response to stress, to our morning beverage, to whether we choose to drink our water plain or with lemon in it. All of these little decisions impact our bodies and our minds. My goal is to support our family in making sure that we are intentional about our decisions and actions so that we are able to live a long, active, and fulfilling life.

For this blog, this means sharing a glimpse into how our family lives. Not because we are doing something special or challenging. We are not. And, definitely, not because we have figured it all out. We haven’t. But, we are doing something intentional, and it is not hard. I hope to inspire people to embrace a lifestyle that is slower and more intentional. Most importantly, I hope that we will be able to share our stories. Sharing is how we learn and grow. If our experience clicks with one other person in an authentic way then that’s something!

For me, I intend to grow from our interactions and reflections. My goal is to continue to simplify how our family lives and engages in the world. To ensure that our approach to health and wellness facilitates beauty, strength, longevity, and happiness, and to support others on their journey to intentional living. I truly believe that we will learn from each other throughout this journey.



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